Security First

We are security practicioners, not security resellers.

We know cybersecurity.

While others are happy to resell products and services from upstream vendors, we take pride in having that expertise in-house. The more layers you have between your business decision makers and your security experts just increases costs, delays results, and risks miscommunication and mismanagement. 

We’ve hand-picked and hand-crafted the software and services we use to secure your environment and ensure your compliance with required laws, regulations, and industry standards. Security is not something you add on to a finished IT product or service. We build every solution with security baked-in from the ground up.  

We have been penetration testers, vulnerability managers, policy and procedure managers, and security operations analysts. We know the depth and breadth of the cybersecurity and can help you more easily navigate this complex environment.


Security Monitoring and Operations

Hardened System and Service Configurations

User Security Awareness Training

Risk and Compliance Assessment

Executive Risk Management Consulting

Security Monitoring and Operations

We are the first small-business IT service provider in Arkansas to offer in-house Security Monitoring and Operations services. Our system is built to monitor, alert, track, contain, and recover from incidents in close to real-time.

Many providers will outsource this type of service to overseas companies. We decided to build in-house to maintain control over the systems, make it cost-effective, and ensure we understand the full risk and can communicate that effectively to our clients. 


System and Service Hardening

You probably use several different computer technologies and online services to manage your business daily. Are you sure they are configured as securely as possible?

Your computer operating systems, your cloud-based email platform, your router and firewall, your web server, and more, are all highly configurable and can open you up to attacks if not configured securely.

We take industry best practice guidance and pare it down to meet small business needs while still maintaining compliance. We can then customize to meet your specific business needs because we know each business is unique.

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity isn’t just about technology. Hackers will attack your employees, as well. Social Engineering is the #1 way into a Small Business.

Your employees need to know how to distinguish phishing emails from legitimate ones. They need to know how to spot ransomware in the wild. They need to know how to make strong passwords.

Your employees need to be an integral part of your security program.

We curate specialized training programs for businesses of all sizes and industries. We provide in-person training that is engaging and memorable. Our clients’ employees love telling us about the attacks they’ve stopped because of the training we provided. We love hearing each and every success story.

Executive Consulting

Many organizations still believe that cybersecurity is just a technical thing. It’s not. Cybersecurity is about risk management. You have operational and financial risk management functions and processes within your company, you should also have a cybersecurity risk management program. 

Our executive-level consulting works with business owners to support their business needs, find reasonable solutions to cybersecurity problems, and act as a liaison between the business and outside, cybersecurity and compliance-related organizations.

We take pride in being able to work in the trenches and in the boardroom with our clients to ensure the full breadth and depth of cyber risk is appropriately managed.

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