Compliance Tip: Professional IT Infrastructure

If you are looking to get your compliance house in order and don't have a professionally managed IT infrastructure in your business, get one. Many of the technical requirements and some of the administrative or process requirements are often covered under a professional IT program.

If you are larger than a one or two person business, it will be nearly impossible to meet compliance requirements without a professional IT program.

Once your business has grown to more than a few employees, it becomes prohibitively time-consuming to ensure compliance requirements are met without some sort of IT management in place.
Imagine having to regularly ensure that anti-virus was working and check for alerts if you had to go from computer to computer once a day or if you had to look over the shoulder of your employees frequently to ensure they were following through with patching of all software on their computers. How cumbersome would that be? And that's just two small controls in a much larger list.
For most of the very smallest businesses this usually means going out and finding a Managed Service Provider (MSP) since it's not cost-effective to hire a full-time IT staff. In some cases, however, have a full-time IT person on-site makes sense. For those that outsource to and MSP, the services usually include several things that cover compliance requirements and meet the security needs of your business:

Data Backup and Recovery

Managed Anti-Virus

Computer and Application Account Management

Firewall Management

Business-Grade Email

Regular Security Patching and System Updates

These are just some of the basic offerings that come with most Managed Service Agreements, but many MSPs can go farther to offer compliance and security services tightly integrated with IT management. Sullivan Wright Technology Partners does just that.

Now imagine that you had a partner to shoulder the burden of these compliance requirements and how much more comfortable you'd feel knowing they were in the hands of a professional and not always on your list of things to do. Imagine if you knew they had processes to monitor and manage these regularly rather than you having to fit them in where you could.

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